Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its a boy!

Last week I responded to a pregnant women bleeding. She was 8 month along. We arrived to find a 30 something year old women sitting on her kitchen floor in a pool of blood. She had lost about 400ml of blood already. She had a blood pressure of 80/palpation and a pulse of 120. At this point we are just concerned with saving mom and figure that the baby is a lost cause. We get her on the cot and start large bore IV's and start our transport to the hospital. We elevate her legs and give lots of fluids. By now her blood pressure is 60/palpation and she is still bleeding. We have the ambulance moving as fast as it will go with a police escort.... We are all a little scared at this point.

We are able to bring her blood pressure back up to 90/50 with the fluids. My partner calls in report to the hospital. When we pull up under the awning to the ER there is a whole team waiting there for us. They decide to have us take her right up to labor and delivery. On a side note. Why is it that people who are not trained on it always want to push our stretcher? Twice I had to tell a Doc or a Nurse to let go of the stretcher on our way to the floor. We arrived on the floor and turned over care to the hospital staff.

We deconned the cot and the truck and wondered how our patient was doing. There was a great deal of blood to be cleaned up. We talked about the call the whole way back to the station, and what we could have done better. The next day my Chief calls me and tells me that the hospital was able save both mom and baby, and I'm happy to say it's a boy. Both mom and baby are doing great and are at home! JS