Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snorting it? Really? (pick of the shift)

We Respond normal traffic to the jail for a 17 year old female that snorted xanax. She was very uncooperative with us and the police officers. We arrive to find her sitting in the cell yelling at PD. We ask her to calm down. PD states that she was picked up for disorderly conduct. Apparently she was yelling and screaming while walking down the streets. For being only 17 she looked like she was 30 and had been a heavy METH user. She states that she was not prescribed the xanax and had received it from her boyfriend. She stated that she crushed and snorted because it helps her relax. If this was relaxed I would not want to see her worked up! Her vital signs were all normal and she was A&Ox3. We had to force her onto the cot and restrain her. We started a 20 gauge IV of normal saline, and transported her priority 3 to the closest ER. When we arrived at the ER we gave report and suggested that she be put in an ISO room, but our suggestion was ignored and she was placed in a hall cart. That was until she started yelling again... Then the ER staff restrained her and moved her to an ISO room. Do they think that we make requests like that for our own sake? We try to help them out and we get ignored... Oh well! So please tell me, would you have done anything different on this call? JS