Friday, April 16, 2010

Day trip to michigans west coast.

So, I grabbed my girlfriend and picked up my parents and headed for the coast. My beautiful lady got the chance to meet the one and only Crzegrl! We stopped at a hanger and saw my friend Emily at work. Emily turned me on to blogging years ago. It was a great visit, my girlfriend and parents really seemed to enjoy the tour.

Saugatuck was our next stop. This town reminds of Key West, I don't know why but it does. By the way I love Key West. We did some shopping and had a great dinner overlooking the bay. The view was amazing and the food was OK.

After that we headed for South Haven. The beaches are golden sand with cool, deep, blue waters. We walked on the breakwall out to the lighthouse as the sun was hanging low in the sky. It was a perfect moment. As the sun started setting we headed home. It was a very good day. JS

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We need helmets..... and Love?

Well as you can see by the pic this is clearly the women for me. I know my posts are becoming few and far between. I've benn really busy setting up our new cadet program, and I have a wonderful new women in my life. By the way we are in need of fire helmets, gloves and boots for our cadets, if anyone is willing to donate these items please let me know, we are willing to pay for shipping. So I'm sorry, but I like spending time with her more than I like writing posts on here, but I promise there are many more posts to come... JS

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The perfect call

We respond to a heroin overdose. Onboard Alpha 2 is my Paramedic, a probie, and myself. As we are pulling up on scene P.D. reports CPR in progress. We walk in to see a cop doing chest compressions. The patient is purple in color and unresponsive. We tell the cop to stop CPR. I check for a pulse... she has a strong radial pulse at about 100bpm. I throw a BVM to the probie and tell him to start giving breaths, he does, I then hook the O2 bottle to the BVM. While this is going on my Paramedic gets his intubation kit ready. My partner drops the tube perfectly and I spike a bag of saline. We get the line on the first try. The probie is back to bagging our patient. As I secure the line, our second unit arrives and I throw the Medic on that truck the Narcan and tell him to draw it up. He gets the Narcan ready and my Medic pushes it. I held down the patient while the medic extubated her after she started to breath on her own. She wakes up! We transport to the local hospital and the next day she walks out.... Everything just went perfect on that call. It was awesome teamwork with a great outcome... yaa us! JS