Monday, November 9, 2009

Bloody Trauma... For Bob! (Pick of the shift)

We are dispatched to a fall at the local senior apartments. We arrive to find a 65 year old male patient laying on the floor next to a broken glass table with blood everywhere. Maintenance man is holding a towel to the patients head, the towel is soaked with blood. At this time our patient denies any LOC and is A&Ox3. I remove the towel to find his head squirting blood. I quickly apply a trauma dressing and ice pack to his head and wrap with cling. Next I grab C-spine, my partner and I collar and backboard him. We get him on the cot. By now he seems to have lost a great deal of blood, he bleeding through trauma dressing after trauma dressing. He is also getting confused. We start 2 large bore IV's for volume replacement. We also put him on 15LPM of O2 via mask. We transported him priority one to the closest hospital. On scene our patients vitals were as follows: 118/70bp, 72pulse, 18resp, and alert. When we got to the hospital he was 90/50bp, 110pulse, and confused. We rushed him into the trauma room and quickly turned over care. By the time we turned over care I was covered in blood, something that hasn't happened to me since I was a rookie... There was just that much blood! What would you have done differently? What could we have done better? Tell me what you think please... JS

I"m sorry

Let me say I'm sorry. I have not been posting new entries very often. I have a great deal I want to tell you all about. I have just been very short on time. I'll be honest, I met a girl and she is taking up a lot of my free time... and I like it! I wish I could tell you more but I want to keep my personal life private. I promise I will start posting again, but give me a little time please. Thank you for understanding. JS