Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you

I was recently a guest of the US Army, as you read in my earlier posts. It was very cool to get to do the things I did during my visit. I have never served in the military, but most of my friends have or are currently serving. I think we take our Armed Forces for granted. I would like to thank them and everyone else who has served in our armed forces. Thank you for keeping me free. I will now thank them by listing there first name, rank, and branch.

Jamie E-5 USA/USAR
Mark E-2 USAR
Brian E-4 USN
Kyle E-4 USMC
Sarah E-6 USA/USN
Emily O-3 USA/USAR
Justin E-5 USMC/USAR
Nit E-4 USMC
Jim E-6 USA
Bill E-5 USA

USA=Army, USAR=Army Reserve, USN=Navy, USMC=Marine, USCG=Coast Guard

I know I have never said it when we hang out, but I want you guys to know that I'm thankful for your service. I'm thankful for the service of all Vets! JS

Friday, July 24, 2009

A day with the US Army

I was invited up to an Army base in Michigan. I was given a guided tour of traning sites and lanes. I was also allowed to fly in US Army aircraft. I have been lucky enough to fly in a blackhawk and a chinook, both are way cool. I just want to say thanks to SSG Van Loon. So if I can figure out how to do it I will post some videos and pics. JS

The above video is from a chinook helicopter

This video is from a Blackhawk

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Structure fire

Last night at about midnight we tone out to go to a mutual aid structure fire. I'll be honest, I work in an upscale area of metro Detroit. As a result we don't see many working fires. Most of what we do are medicals, MVA,s, and fire alarms.

On this fire we rolled a rescue company and an engine company. I was on the engine. Once arriving our rescue company set up R.I.T. (rapid intervention team). This teams sole purpose is to be ready rescue down firefighters. They set up on the front lawn with tools and saws and stand by.

After setting up some exterior lighting I was sent to resource. Resource is where you go to wait for a job to be assigned to you. I was in resource for about five minutes. Then I was sent in to relieve the guy on the nozzle. I'll be honest, its been a long time since I have been on the pipe. I have spent most of my time in recent years on the pump panel. It felt good to feel the heat on my ears again, and to be the guy that put the wet stuff on the red stuff. There is nothing I love more than to do the job I was trained for!

I was beat when we got back to the firehouse. I got home this morning and went back to bed and slept until 1230 this afternoon. I did learn another thing last night, an Iphone can survive being in your pocket during the interior attack of a working structure fire. JS

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head Trauma (Pick of The Shift)

I will be honest with all three of you, I called in sick to ambulance service this morning. I spent many of the morning hours in the bathroom, I'm blaming it on the greasy chicken I ate last night. As a result I got a call from the firehouse about noon wanting to know if I could come in and cover for a guy that needed to leave. By this time I was feeling better and headed off to the firehouse.

I was assigned to Alpha-2 today. I am going to tell you about one of our runs today. I want you guys to tell me what you would do, and I will tell you what we did.

Tones go off "Respond to blank city park for a man that has fallen". We arrive to find a man laying on his back on the sidewalk with a large crowd around him. As we approach we notice that he has heavy bleeding coming from his head. The patient is in his mid seventies and is alert but suffers from dementia. All of his vital signs are stable. He has multiple lacerations to his head and face, many that look like they will require stitches. The patient states that he fell while walking his dog. Other than his face he has no other complaints of pain. About that time his wife wonders over looking for him. The problem is he doesn't remember being married. Well, at least until he hears his wife's voice. What would you do?

This is what we did. We applied manual c-spine stabilization, and start dressing his wounds. Then we roll the patient on a long back board and placed him on the cot. He was transported BLS to the closest hospital priority three. Patient care was then given to ER staff. JS

Monday, July 20, 2009

Smarter people = unemployment

I discovered a long time ago that stupid people, and smart people that do stupid things keep me employed. The other day I ran on a patient with a finger amputation. The patient had lost most of her middle and ring finger up to the knuckle. Now let me tell how she did this. She decided that she didn't like the position of the wheels on her gas powered lawn mower. So rather than turn the mower off to raise the wheel, she just stuck her hand under the deck of the running mower to lift the rear wheels. The result was hamburger. Where was her common sense?

Common sense is not so common anymore. Just listen to this story. We get dispatched to a possible hand injury at the local ice arena. We arrive to find a fifty year old man missing his right hand. This man was the Zamboni driver, this is a job he has had for over the last ten years. He tells me that the ice chute became clogged on the Zamboni. He then admits that he knew better, but was too lazy to turn the machine off. So he then decides to shove his hand into the ice chute with the blades running, the result is once again hamburger.

Both of these people were sober and seemed like intelligent people to me. What makes people do things like this? What I do know is that smarter people would equal unemployment for me! JS

Monday, July 13, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up... Pick of the shift

We are dispatched to a 19 year old male that fell while running and has pain. We arrive to find the 19 year old male laying on the street on his belly. Patient reports 9 out of 10 pain in his right front pelvic area. He denies any LOC. He states he was running and tripped and that he could hear a snap from his hip area. He originally denied any back pain, but upon palpation he stated that he had some tenderness in his lower back. The patient then started to complain of a sudden onset headache, but says that he suffers from migraines. What would you do?

Here is what we did:
First we applied manual c-spine immobilization and a no-neck c-collar. Then we cut away his pants from his hip area, this revealed no deformities but was painful on palpation. We then inverted a KED board and applied it to his pelvic area for immobilization. After that we log rolled him on to a long board.

Once we had him in the back of the truck we started an IV with a 20 gauge and gave 0.9 saline on a slow drip. we Checked the patients vital signs 3 times while enroute to the hospital, all vitals were in normal limits. We then turned over care to the ER staff. Would you do anything different?... JS

Friday, July 10, 2009

Save The Ta-Ta's... A repost from

Below is a repost from Emily is friend of mine and if you could help her out that would be great.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and support. As with everything else in my world, after my mother’s diagnosis it has been insane. With her permission, I will be writing more about her journey from the eyes of her eldest daughter.

While I am working through just how to do that, I am participating in the 3rd annual “Save the Tatas” breast cancer fund raiser at Premier Skydiving this weekend. It is not only giving me a way to do something productive, it has opened my eyes to the thousands of people breast cancer affects.

Although I am looking for donations, (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!–please go read the page on the event) I am just as interested in seeing how many comments in support of my mom and or the cause you all can generate.

For everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday night at midnight, I will add your name or Twitter name on a flag I am sponsoring in honor of my mom’s fight. Please retweet this and help it go viral!

Thank you all for helping me make “Save the Tatas” a success!

Pick of The Shift... Where?

So we have been incredably slow at work. I have not had a run worth writting about in sometime. But I promise that I will write as soon I have something woth blogging about. But while you are waiting for something from me go check out I have really enjoyed reading this blog! JS

Monday, July 6, 2009

My 4th of July

I spent my 4th with a lot of old friends. My weekend started on Friday with a trip to the dive shop. Then I met up with a couple of guys from the dive rescue team, and my best friend. We dressed in our wet suits, and drive out on the lake in the boat. We put our regulators in our lips and splashed into the water. We swam along the bottom of the lake to see what we can find. Visibility is only about five feet, but I'm glad just to be underwater again. During our dive we found a coca-cola bottle from the 1920's and an old canteen. After our dive we arrived on shore, and had the worlds greatest ribs... Boy can Kyle cook! We washed or ribs down with a cold beer or two and started telling our life stories around the fire.

I woke on the 4th at my friends house. It was another day filled with friends, boating, and great food. I did a little SCUBA instructing with my sister in-law, and my roommate. I think its safe to say that my room mate is hooked and I'm sure he will be going to get his c-card. When dark came on us that night, we burned off a few hundred dollars worth of fireworks over the lake. We again completed or night around the fire.

Sunday found me helping to replace the generator on my friends boat. After some boat repairs we found ourselves eating again, then on our way for another round of SCUBA diving. It was good to just spend this much time under water.

I finally returned my rental dive gear this morning, its safe to say that I got my moneys worth out of that stuff this weekend. It was hard to leave my friends this morning but it was time to head for home. There was laundry that needed to be done before I returned to work tomorrow! I hope everyone's independence day was a great as mine! JS

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm sorry

I promise I will start posting again in the near future. Life has kept me busy but given me things to write about. So check back soon. Js