Monday, April 20, 2009


The alarm sounds.
"Medical team respond to --- address for unconscious patient."
So we load up in the rescue, turn on the ol' whoopy-whoopies and we are off.
We arrive to find a 19 year old female, naked, in the bath tub of cold water. Apparently her boyfriend had seen one too many movies. He thought a tub of cold water would revive her. He had waited 45 minutes to call us. Our patient was very lucky that she was not dead. For the past 45 minutes she had been breathing 6-8 times a minutes.

First thing we do is tube the patient and start an IV. We grab the BVM and start assisting with ventilations. Then we break the seal on the drug box, crack it open and grab the Narcan. We draw it up, and push it. And like magic the patient awakens and starts biting and fighting the tube. We extubated the patient and of course she asks "Why are you here?" We respond that she had O.D.'d on heroine. She then says "I didn't do heroine!" We then told her that she was not breating when we arrived. She says, "Uh uh!" We struggled with her all the way to the cot. We get her loaded into the ambulance, naked and soaking wet. We cover her with a blanket and we take her to the hospital. And of course she is combative the whole way to the hospital but that's ok cuz i'm driving and don't have to sit in the back with her. We get to the hospital and give our report.

So... we saved another one. Just like always we can save the over doses, save the people we don't really want too, but can't save the ones we should. Save a junky, but not a three month old who drowned. This job can be so unfair. JS

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wish I was on the boat instead of dealing with a broken car!

Last night I am driving from one job to the other and a warning light pops up on my dash. I pull the truck over to find that it has thrown the fan belt. The problem seems to be the tensioner. I call my dad, yes at 30 I still call my dad with car problems. I tell him to bring a tool box and come down and get me. He gets there. I pull the bad part off of the truck and we head to the parts store. We buy the needed part. We go back to my truck and I install the new part. We get the belt back on. I then thank my dad for coming to my rescue and we are on our separate ways.

I get about 6 or 7 miles down the road and my truck starts smoking under to hood. So I pull off the freeway and into a parking lot. I grab my fire extinguisher from behind the seat and pop the hood. As I open the hood white smoke comes rolling out. Thank god the truck was not on fire. The power steering pump seized up and the fan belt was smoking. So I grab my water bottle from the cab of the truck and start to dump it on the pump to cool it so that it would not catch fire. I call my dad again. Again he comes to me with a tool box. But this time it is to dark to work on it and the parts stores are closed. So I lock the truck up and he takes me back to his house.

I wake up this morning and borrow my moms car to go to the parts store. Now I think I have the parts I need to make it work but I have to wait to try because I have to take my mom to work in about an hour. After I get her to work I will drive to where my trucks is and try to repair it. Lets hope I can get it fixed. Keep your fingers crossed. I don't want to have to take any more time off work. Pray for a quick fix please. JS

Yaaaa... The truck is running again. I only had to use one day of PTO! Thank you for the prayers... JS

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rules for the Fatboy Express.

So, my partner got the new shift and I didn't. We often refer to our rig as "The Fatboy Express". So here are some rules for our rig. Some are inside jokes.

1.May our eyes never meet.

2.Don't play with our Richard without our permision.

3.Why walk when you can drive?

4.Never take another fat guys twinkie.

5.Never diddle in a fat guys honey pot.

6.Never drink a fat guys Capt, unless the fat guy has an altered mental status.

7.Why wait in line when you can be first for seconds?

8.Why rush to a CPR? They will still be dead when you get there.

9.Never eat another mans cheese and crackers.


So the last 3 days I have awoke to find snow on the ground. WTF? It is the middle of April. I know I tend to rush summer, I am so ready to put the boat back in the water. Mother nature just will not release me from the winter. I tend to get the winter blues as well, so snow in April makes me want to break things. Please pray for warm weather and for my sanity. JS

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My partner

Let me tell you about my partner. His name is McLovin (not really, but spelled closely). McLovin has become a great friend. He is the kind of partner you hope to have. He has always got my back. McLovin is also a firefighter.

We recently bid a new shift at work. It just dawned on me the other day that he has more seniority than I do. I think he will get the new shift, and will be stuck on the old shift. If I was him, I would take the new shift, I don't blame him for that. I'm just not happy about losing him. I kinda feel like I'm going to lose something. I'm not looking forward to working with a new partner. Oh well.. Life moves forward. Mclovin I wish you the best of luck on your new shift! JS