Sunday, November 30, 2008

Partner update!

So I worked with that same partner again today. I think our conversation might have sank in a little. He was more pleasant to staff and patients today. I still don't like working with him, but he was better today. Lets just hope he keeps this up.

By the way, I finally got you use the hot tub over the weekend. It was great. Nothing like being drunk with people you love in a hot tub while its snowing... Great times. JS

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy turkey day!

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Mine will be filled with turkey, rum, and a hot tub. Should be a great day. JS

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New job, strange partner, and a long drive.

As I told both of you not that long ago, I recently started a new job with an ambulance service. Don't worry, I still work for the fire department. The service I work for is based and owned by a large local hospital. We don't do any 911 work. We do CCT transfers and inter facility transfers. Because of this we are paid very well, and have the newest and best equipment. I knew this when I took the job. After many years on the job, working in the inner city, being vomited on, doing the lip lock on a lifeless baby, and seeing way more blood than any human should ever have to see, I was ready for a slower pace. I guess my partner doesn't feel the same way.

As we were returning from a long distance transfer, my partner and I had a little heart to heart. I'll be honest, I don't really like my partner, and after talking with other employees, this seems to be the feeling of everyone. My partner has less than a years experience in EMS. He has only been at this company a couple of weeks longer than me. He believes he knows all in the world of EMS. I expect this out of young EMT's, but this guy has about 3 years older than me. So I tell him.

Our conversation starts with him complaining about not doing any rescue work. I told him he came to the wrong place if he wanted to do rescue work. I also reminded him that rescue work doesn't pay as well and most ambulance services lose money on 911 contracts. I then said that I would rather have better pay and free benefits instead of less money and more siren. This upset him even more. Part of this guys problem is that he has a very short fuse, and everything has to be done his way. He gets upset the second that your opinion differs from his. Unlike other partners that have put up with this and moved on to another car, I will not. Mostly because I JUST DON"T CARE what my partner thinks of me. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather get along with my partner, but that's just not going to happen here.

Anyone that works in EMS knows that you don't piss off the dispatcher. He has turned pissing of the dispatcher in to his favorite pass time. Then he wonders why we get the shitty calls and get held over for every shift he works. HMM, I wonder?... The other day he got into an argument with a nurse about directions to a patients room in the hospital. The nurse was right, but that didn't stop him from calling her stupid loud enough for her to hear him. Last week he got into a shouting match with a civilian in regards to him parking the ambulance the wrong way in the fire lane while he was shopping. The civilian called in a complaint on him, and he couldn't figure out why. The guy is clueless. I had a patient ask me if he was always this angry while he was at work. I had to tell her yes. She asked why? and I said I don't know. I think its safe to say he is the worst partner I have ever had in my life!

So, during our conversation, he tells me that nobody wants to work with him and he has no friends. I said didn't you ever wonder why? It looked like he was getting ready to cry. I told him he can't talk to people the way he does, and that we are partners and that he is not the supervisor. I thought I was getting through to him. But when he came in the next day he continued act the same way he always did. I never rat out my partners unless I think they are doing something that will be harmful to a patient. But he was the exception!

I decide after trying to talk him about his issues and him not listening and just getting pissed off that I would go to the operation manager with this issue. I explain to him what is going on with this guy, and the dumb ass things he does while on the road. He even told a patient about his experience as a patient in a psych facility. That's not the kind of thing I would share with others! Anyway It sounds like operations is not going to do anything about the problem. I guess they would rather be reactive than proactive. I will be bidding the next open shift! I guess I just needed to vent. JS

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to teach!

Next month I start teaching at the fire academy again. I really do enjoy teaching. Last academy while I was conducting a class, I realized how young the probies are. I don't ever remember being that young. I am teaching forcible entry again. I get payed to teach people how to break shit! Life doesn't get any better than that. As an added bonus, the Captain that is teaching vehicle extraction asked me to come out and help teach it again this year. I have done this before with him, but it is always an honor to be asked to come teach. Extraction is a great class to help teach. Being in the Detroit area, we get to go out to the General Motors proving grounds. GM gives us brand new, and prototypes cars to destroy. Talk about a great time. Getting payed to cut up cars that general population has not even seen yet. I'm looking forward to it. I wish I could take some pictures, but GM will not let us. Teaching this year will rock, all I'm doing is breaking stuff. JS

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death on the job.

I went to a funeral for a fallen firefighter the other day. In the past couple of years I have been to five line of duty death funerals in the detroit area. The most recent was Walter Harris, he was killed in a calapse at a structure fire. Another died in a crash involving an engine returning from a fire. Yet another was trapped during a structure fire. The saddest was an EMT that was killed by traffic while treating a patient on the scene of an MVA. The last was a firefighter also working an mva during harsh weather conditions, she was struck by a skiding car.

This has made me think about my own mortality. Luckily i work in a sleepy part of the metro detroit area. We as first responders often forget that this could happen to anyone of us. So, I guess I'm telling all of you to just be careful out there. JS

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Line of duty death

We regret to inform you of the death of

Walter P.
Senior Firefighter
Detroit Fire Department
Engine 23, 6th Battalion

Lived: 9/11/70 to 11/15/2008
Served: 3/11/1991 to 11/15/2008

Died in the line of duty.

Community Christian Fellowship
8131 E. Outer Dr.
Detroit, MI.
Thursday, November, 20, 2008
4 to 9 pm.

Second Ebenezer Church
14601 Dequindre St.
Detroit, MI.
Friday, November 21, 2008
10:00 am.

Firefighter Walt Harris of the Detroit Fire Department perished after being crushed in a collapse at a vacant home on the east side of Detroit. Harris, a 17 veteran firefighter, responded to the blaze with his brothers from Engine 23.

Firefighters and EMS attempted to revive him on the scene but were unable to do so. He will be missed by family and friends.

Our deepest sympathy to the Harris Family.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free hot tub?

A couple of weeks ago my brother calls me and said that he is getting a hot tub for free and is picking it up by my house and wants to know if I will help him load it. I said sure, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I love my brother and his wife, I would do anything for them as they have for me. So, I figure load a hot tub... no problem. I live over an hour away from my brother. So I meet him where we are going to pick up the hot tub. Now, I'm only going to help load it. We meet the people we are picking it up from, and they seem a little off to me... (sorry Janine). Someone was supposed to bring tie down straps.. but forgot. So we leave my brothers truck and run to the store to get some tie down straps. We already have a plan on how to load the tub so we can get everything in one trip. Originally the people we were picking the tub up from wanted to load it on the bed rails... Not a good idea for such a long trip. The people also kept saying we had 2 trucks, and I kept telling them that I was just helping to load the tub, and was not driving my truck down to my brothers house. So we get back from the store, to find the tub loaded in his truck and taken apart. Now we have to load my truck with the rest of the parts. At this point I can't go down to my brothers because I'm on call at work and can not leave the area. Being poor my brothers gives me gas money and I drive down to his house as soon as I go off call that evening. Now we are trying to put it back together without seeing it taken apart. Let me tell you it was a task that required a few beers! So, I'm a pretty handy guy and my brother knows this. Let me tell you, my brother is one of the smartest people I know, he is working on his masters and is married to a doctor. But when it comes to mechanical things he can be confused. It blows my mind. (sorry BJ) So he tells a little fib to his wife and tells her that I know what I am doing. Honestly I was just guessing and getting advice from people that knew what they were doing. Of course when I left that night the tub was not in service. That took almost 3 weeks I think. My brother calls me again and asks me, would I help him set up the hot tub. I said sure as long as he bought the beer. Hot tub project day 2 consisted of leveling the ground where the tub was going as well as laying patio blocks to set the hot tub on. Later that day we put a new 220 breaker in his fuse box and ran the wire to the outside of the house where the tub was going.We completed the day with some drywall work needed after running the new wire. I was pretty sure that he could handle the rest on his own. Well the other day he called again and asked if I would help finish it. He also had to pick the pump up at the repair shop. So we decide that now we are going to do the project to code. So we are off to home depot to buy a spa kit breaker box, wire and underground wire tubing. We put the new box outside and tie in the 220 and put in the GFI breaker. Next we bury the wire in the tubing, and lastly we hook the tub up to the power. We turn all the breakers on and to our surprise the hot tub works. I'm very proud of the 2 of us.

So, last night I'm playing cards with my brother, his wife, and some other friends. I say to my brother "I think we did a great job for not knowing what we were doing". His wife looks at us and says "WHAT". In order to not have to pay somebody to come in and do this, my brother had told his wife that I had done this before and knew what I was doing. But he never told me this...... So the hot tub works, its to code, and I'm pretty sure my brother didn't get any last night. Just thought I would share this with you all.... Hope I didn't piss you off BJ & J9.. remember that I love you guys. JS

Saturday, November 8, 2008

stolen again meme

I stole this from Ninja Medic, who stole it from someone else.

A is for your age:
30... wow thirty already. I never thought I would live this long!

B is for beer of choice:
no, thanks... Give me some rum. But if I have to drink beer give me a corona or newcastle

C is for what you care about right now.
Winning the poker game

D is for your dog's name:
Allie Bean

E is for one essential item you use everyday:
pocket knife.

F is for one favorite TV show:
Rescue me.. go figure.

G is for favorite game to watch:
not so much... I don't like sports.

H is for Home town :
Detroit Michigan...... Waterford.

I is for instruments you play:
air guitar.

J is for favorite juice:
any as long as its mixed with rum.

K is for whose butt you'd like to kick:
weak minded liberal followers.

L is for last place you ate:
My kitchen table.

M is for marriage:
Never been.

N is for your Middle name:

O is for overnight hospital stay:
when I was 8 or 9 I had an infection in my leg.

P is for people you were with today:
my mom, BJ and all the poker buds.

Q is for quote:
"Live every day like it was your last... No regrets.".

R is for Biggest regret:
A relationship decision I made a few years ago.

S is for SEX:
yes please.

T is for time you woke up today:

U is for underwear you have on now:
boxer briefs... the best of both worlds.

V is for a vegetable you love:

W is for worst habit:

X is for xylophone (because it always is):
uh huh.

Y is for something yummy you ate today:

Z is for zodiac sign:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The vote

I don't normally talk about politics on my blog, but after a night of drinking I can't contain myself. What kind of a country do we live in when a junior senator can beat a war hero in the race for president? Don't get me wrong, Obama may be a good man but that doesn't mean he should lead our country. I am very fearful for our future. A great deal of people can't even tell you why they voted for Obama. I am very nervous about my second amendment rights. I am also worried about our strength as country as he will reduce our military. I'm sure this post will upset a few of my readers, but these are my feelings. The biggest thing I feel right now is fear. I am fearful of our future as a nation. JS